The only home workout equipment you will ever need.

Adapted to you.

More efficient workouts. In the comfort of your home!

25 +
0 kg
kg of real weight​
0 min
To fully set up.

Benchpress. Squat. Deadlift.
25 other exercises available.

Fits in every house, appartament, back yard or garage.

Work with real weights

It’s not “like the real feel”.

It’s the real deal!

Easy to stack up weights

Need to load 67.5kg for your rows? We’ve got your back!

Save time. Workout when you can.

Gym enthusiasts

Build your strength foundation with the most powerful exercise selection


Isolate and keep constant tension on your muscles for maximum gains


Improve power and explosion. Keep your routine going no matter what!

Busy professionals

Fast and effective workouts. No time wasted, no untrained muscle .

Compatible with weights and grips from

Product specs

They love it!

Mark Jones
Mark Jones- amateur bodybuilder
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The HomeGymOne is a simple device that its creators want to be used to supplement or even replace a gym full of equipment. Is it successful in this endeavor? With a few caveats in mind, I believe it is.
Jenna Jonson
Jenna Jonson- professional swimmer
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Believe it or not, swimmers need a lot of weight training to perform. The HomeGymOne is perfect for complementing my workouts and saving time on trips to the gym.
Silvia Draghici
Silvia Draghici- weekend warrior
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This machine lets me put in a quick workout in the comfort of my home before going to work. 15 minutes is all i need. I've been able to work out more often - i used to only hit the gym on weekends.

Ready for the home gym revolution?

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